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Fr. Daniel Findikyan

Web www.ArmenianChurchLibrary.com

E-Mail: frdaniel@stnersess.edu

Fr. Daniel is the pastor of the Armenian Church of Charlotte and the Dean of St. Nersess Armenian Seminary.

June, 1997 - Doctorate in Eastern Ecclesiastical Studies (Liturgy), Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome. Dissertation: The Commentary on the Daily Office of the Armenian Church by Bishop Stepanos Siunetsi (c. 685-735): Edition of the Long and Short Recensions with Liturgical Analysis. Director: Robert Taft, S.J. Summa cum laude.

June, 1994 - License Degree in Eastern Liturgiology, Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome. Thesis: Bishop Stepanos Siunetsi (c. 685-735) and the Armenian Liturgy of the Word. Summa cum laude.

May 1990 - Master of Arts in Musicology, City College of New York. Master's thesis: Rediscovering the Genere in Monteverdi's Eighth Book of Madrigals. Summa cum laude.

May 1989 - Master of Divinity, St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, Crestwood, New York. Master's thesis: The Magnificat Troparia of the Armenian Orthodox Church: Translation with Historical and Theological Commentary. Cum laude. Diploma in Armenian Church Studies, St. Nersess Armenian Seminary, New Rochelle, NY.

May 1985 - Bachelor of Science, State University of New York at Binghamton, 1985 Double major in Chemistry and Music.

Sept. 1991 - Sept. 1992 Komitas Conservatory of Music, Erevan, Republic of Armenia Course work in ethnomusicology

Monastery of Holy Etchmiadzin, Republic of Armenia Course work in Armenian language and literature


In Press:
  • Divine Liturgy of the Armenian Church with Modern Armenian and English Translations, Transliteration, Musical Notation, Introduction and Notes, Editor. Forthcoming by St. Vartan Press (New York).
  • Review of William Dalrymple, From the Holy Mountain: A Journey among the Christians of the Middle East. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1998. Forthcoming in St. Nersess Theological Review.
  • Review of Armenian Sacred and Folk Music: Komitas, tr. Edward Gulbekian. Curzon Press, London, 1998. Forthcoming in RAFT: A Journal of Armenian Poetry and Criticism.
  • "The Multiplication of Propers in the Armenian Liturgy of the Hours and Baumstark's Law of the Preservation of Ancient Liturgical Material," Forthcoming in the Acta of "Comparative Liturgy Fifty Years after Anton Baumstark," Scholarly Congress at the Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome, 25-29 September 1998.
  • The Commentary on the Daily Office of the Armenian Church by Bishop Stepanos Siunetsi (c. 685-735): Edition of the Long and Short Recensions with Liturgical Analysis. Forthcoming in OCA (Rome).
  • Entries for the Dizionario delle chiese orientali, ed. Edward Farrugia, S.J.: "Il rito armeno;" "Lezionario armeno di Gerusalemme;" "La liturgia delle ore nella Chiesa Armena;" "La Divina Liturgia armena;" "L'Anno liturgico della Chiesa armena;" "Sacramenti della Chiesa armena."
  • "On the Origins and Early Evolution of the Armenian Office of Sunrise," Festschrift for Gabriele Winkler, forthcoming in a volume of OCA.
  • "L'Influence latine sur la liturgie armenienne," Roma-Armenia, Claude Mutafian, ed. Rome, 1999, pp. 340-344.
  • Review of Robert W. Thomson, Indices to the Armenian Version of Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite: Greek-Armenian and Armenian-Greek (Dutch Studies in Armenian Language and Literature 5) Amsterdam; Atlanta, GA: Rodopi, 1997. Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies 9 (1999) 213-214.

  • Review of Boghos Levon Zekiyan, ed., Nerses di Lambron, Il primato della caritˆ. Discorso sinodale "Atendabanutiwn." Magnano, Italy: Edizione Qiqajon Comunitˆ di Bose, 1996. St Nersess Theological Review 2/1 (1997) 95-96.
  • "Armenian Funeral Rites: An Assessment of a Recent Study," St Nersess Theological Review 2/1 (1998) 81-87.
  • "The Armenian Liturgy of Dedicating a Church: A Textual and Comparative Analysis of Three Early Sources," OCP 64/1 (1998) 75-121.

  • "The Liturgical Expositions Attributed to Catholicos Yovhannes Otsnetsi: Problems and Inconsistency," in Robert F. Taft, S.J., ed., The Armenian Christian Tradition: Scholarly Symposium in Honor of the Visit to the Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome of His Holiness Karekin I, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, December 12, 1996 (=OCA 254) 125-173.

  • "Liturgical Usages and Controversy in History: How Much Diversity Can Unity Tolerate?," St. Nersess Theological Review 1/2 (1996) 191-212.
  • Review of Michel Van Esbroeck, "Le discours du Catholicos Sahak III en 691 et quelques documents armeniens annexes au Quinisexte," in The Council in Trullo Revisited, ed. George Nedungatt and Michael Featherstone (=Kanonika 6). Pontificio Istituto Orientale, Rome, 1995, pp. 323-454. Eastern Churches Journal.

  • "Bishop Stepannos Siunetsi: A Source for the Study of Medieval Armenian Liturgy," Ostkirchliche Studien 44/2-3 (1994) 171-196.

  • "An Offering of Praise: The Ceremony of 'Madal' in the Armenian Church," Window View of the Armenian Church 3/1 (1992) 18-24.

  • "Old Testament Readings in the Liturgy of Matrimony of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church," St. Vladimir's Theological Quarterly 33/1 (1989) 86-93.

  • November, 1997 - present
    Archbishop Tiran Nersoyan (Assistant) Professor of Liturgy, St. Nersess Armenian Seminary, New Rochelle, New York.

  • June, 1999 - present
    Visiting Professor, Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome, Italy.

  • Editorial Board, St. Nersess Theological Review

  • Association Internationales des Etudes Armeniennes

  • North American Academy of Liturgy

  • Orthodox Theological Society in America

  • Faith and Order Commission, National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. (Representing the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America)

  • Liturgical Commission of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (New York)

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